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Captivate Your Readers

Full of concrete tips, with examples, for engaging readers and drawing them into your story world. Techniques include creating an authentic voice; using deep point of view; showing instead of telling; avoiding author intrusions; showing character emotions, reactions and sensations; and writing true-to-life dialogue.


Fire Up Your Fiction

Fire up Your Fiction (formerly titled Style That Sizzles & Pacing for Power) has won three awards to date: a Silver Medal in the Florida Authors & Publishers President’s Book Awards for 2013, a Silver Medal in the Readers’ Favorite Awards for 2014, and an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards for 2013.

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Writing a Killer Thriller

ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR SUPERCHARGING YOUR STORIES! Jodie Renner presents concrete techniques that work for writing fast-paced, captivating fiction that sells. You’ll find these tips indispensable for plotting a riveting story, creating compelling characters, and more!


Childhood Regained

Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers is a collection of 20 short stories and a poem, all written specifically for this anthology to raise awareness of the plight of millions of young children working long hours in factories, mines, quarries, on city streets, and on commercial farms in Asia.

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Voices From the Valleys

This high-quality anthology features entertaining short stories, fascinating memoirs, and thought-provoking poetry by 51 talented BC writers, depicting experiences, real and fictional, in every region of the interior of British Columbia, Canada, from the ’50s to today.

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Quick Clicks: Spelling List

Commonly Misspelled Words at Your Fingertips – This time-saving writers’ resource by sought-after book editor Jodie Renner is a clickable list of words and phrases that, for one reason or another, often trip up even good spellers and slow down their work.

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Quick Clicks:
Word usage

Precise Word Choices at Your Fingertips – Is it “Paul and me” or “Paul and I”? Is it “lie down” or “lay down”? affect or effect? that or which? may or might? insure or ensure? aisle or isle? its or it’s? alright or all right? hone in or home in? pour over or pore over?