Jodie is a highly in-demand freelance editor who specializes in thrillers and other fast-paced, suspenseful fiction, as well as YA (young adult), historical fiction, and mainstream.

Jodie’s editing services range from developmental and “big picture” advice, through structural editing, content editing, line editing, copy editing, to final proofreading. For more information on Jodie’s editing process and the services she offers, click here to visit her editing website at www.JodieRennerEditing.com. You’ll also find many more testimonials from authors about Jodie’s editing there.

TESTIMONIALS Jodie has received for her fiction editing:

“I’ve used Jodie Renner’s editing services for years to help me learn the ins-and-outs of writing successful stories, to maximize the potential of my manuscripts, and to improve my writing skills. I’ve also read and studied all her books on writing. She is very much a part of my development as a writer and helped me to become the New York Times bestselling author that I am today. JSerafina & Twisted Staffodie’s observations and suggestions about logistics, clarity of details, continuity, and characterization helped make my newest novel, Serafina and the Twisted Staff , a stronger story and a #1 New York Times bestseller. The fact that Jodie taught children aged 10 to 14 English language and literature for many years and was also a school librarian made her input even more valuable.”

~ Robert Beatty, July 2016, New York Times bestselling author of Serafina and the Black Cloak and the sequel, Serafina and the Twisted Staff, both Disney Hyperion


“Jodie Renner is the best editor you can hope for, because she pours her heart and soul into each project. She is very selective and only takes on manuscripts if she really likes the story and feels the client possesses the primary instinct of a writer. In an industry rife with mavericks and self-proclaimed editors, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a veteran who places remuneration well down her list of priorities.

Aymen_Cover_Terminal Rage“But once you’re in with Jodie, weeding out typos, grammatical oversights, and clunky writing is just a small portion of the real value of her work. She’s a seasoned industry guru who will address both language and content issues to get your mystery, thriller, action, or espionage manuscript up to a publishable standard.

“Jodie will pore over every detail of your writing to transform it into a world-class novel that will sell. She will challenge every logical flaw and plot inconsistency in your story to ensure nothing comes in the way of your readers’ suspension of disbelief. She will nip any literary arrogance or showy ambiguity in the bud. Most importantly, Jodie will provide you with the viewpoint of most contemporary readers.

“Jodie’s biggest problem will be to figure out how to clone herself to satisfy the existing and future demands for a five-star editor like herself.”

~ A.M. Khalifa, author of Terminal Rage, Los Angeles, CA, February 2013. http://www.terminalrage.com/ 


“Jodie Renner provides the editorial attention that every writer dreams of – technically mNerve_damage_Final_June '14asterful, creatively attuned, and fully committed to making your book the best it can be. She provides the full range of editing services in a process that assures attention to every detail. Her knowledge and hard work guarantee that you and your writing have a valuable ally.

“Grammatical, typing, and punctuation edits are flawless and annotated. Additionally, Jodie provides suggestions based on her expertise in writing craft (she is the author of outstanding instructional books on writing). Jodie’s technical and craft know-how combined with her fierce work ethic assure that you receive truly remarkable editing support.

“My debut novel Nerve Damage benefitted significantly from Jodie’s skills. Her keen eye allowed me to significantly improve clarity and readability. Jodie Renner provided me invaluable editing support. There is no doubt that my novel became better due to her editing skills.

“Jodie Renner will help you make your book better. She is understandably in demand and takes on selected writers at her discretion. If you have the opportunity to work with Jodie, I am sure you will feel as I do—extremely fortunate.”

~ Tom Combs, M.D.,  author of medical thriller, Nerve Damage, published June 2014.  http://www.tom-combs.com. Also edited by Jodie Renner: Hard to Breathe, published Sept. 30, 2016.

* * *

Author portraits for use on books and book proposals, as well as on LinkedIn, portfolio websites, and other online marketing tools. ©2015, Sean Phillips http://www.RiverwoodPhotography.comJodie Renner is an amazing editor. We just finished working on my first novel, Crisis Point. While many eyes had read Crisis Point, and others had edited it, none can compare to the detailed edit Jodie provided. She suggests major revisions and the need for additional chapters. She has a keen eye for plot flaws and provides excellent suggestions for improvement. But she doesn’t control your story. Her suggestions are just that, suggestions. Other times she pointed out the plot flaw and left me, the author, to work it out myself, then provided feedback with the changes. But she didn’t leave me hanging; she was always there for a quick conversation about the direction I thought I could go and offered feedback. Jodie makes many small suggestions that are huge improvements, and she also covers grammar, punctuation, and formatting. There is no part of editing a manuscript she doesn’t cover. She has an incredible eye for errors and a knack for knowing the story, at times better than I did!

Jodie draws from her own writing experience, years of editing, and a true love for the written word. I’d attended some of her lectures and read her award-winning instructional books on writing, highlighting several sections that I needed to work on. But to work with Jodie while she put those tips into practice on my novel was an educational experience beyond compare!

It was a great adventure and educational experience, and it was the push I needed to think outside the box I had created around Crisis Point, to look at sections I didn’t want to change, to add chapters I hadn’t realized I needed, and to pull emotions out of my characters—something that I was weak in. I think I can bring more emotions to my characters now! I am anxious to get to work with Jodie on my second novel.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jodie.

~ Dwayne Clayden, author of crime fiction. Sept. 30, 2016.  Crisis Point, while still in unedited manuscript form, was a finalist for the 2015 Crime Writers of Canada Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award. Dwayne is a paramedic and former police officer.

 * * *

“Jodie’s conteThe Triggernt edits and suggestions for my thriller, The Trigger, helped ramp up the tension and suspense, tighten the pace, and significantly improve the story. This is the fourth book Jodie edited for me, and I highly recommend her services.”

~ LJ Sellers, bestselling author of provocative mysteries and thrillers, Aug. 14, 2013

And inside the print version of The Trigger: “This book is dedicated to my wonderful editor, Jodie Renner, who helped the story reach a new level of excitement…”
With a handwritten note: “Jodie, your contribution was invaluable! ~ LJ Sellers”


“Jodie edited my last three novels, two suspense-mysteries and the latest, a futuristic thriller titled The Gauntlet Assassin, and she did a terrific job. Her phrasing and dialogue suggestions were spot on, and her attention to plot detail kept me from making inconsistency mistakes. Jodie also has a great feel for pacing and helped me ratchet up the suspense in places that were lagging. She was thorough and professional and gave me the quick turnaround I needed. In addition, Jodie is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

L.J. Sellers, Oregon, Dec. 7, 2011, author of the bestselling Detective Jackson mysteries, as well as four thrillers and a nonfiction book on writing. Visit her website at www.ljsellers.com. Edited by Jodie Renner: Dying for Justice, Liars, Cheaters & Thieves, and The Gauntlet Assassin.




“When Jodie Renner says ‘Let’s take your manuscript to the next level,’ she means it. Writing a thriller offers challenges unique to the genre, and Jodie is more than prepared to deal with all of them. Whether ratcheting up the tension, dealing with POV or timeline issues, grammar, or offering suggestions to enhance the plot or pick up the pace, Jodie’s suggestions are spot-on and invariably valuable. As an author, all you have to bring to the table is a manuscript and an open mind, and you will end up with a far superior product than you had when you started. I’ve worked with Jodie on two thrillers, including the Amazon Top 25 overall bestseller, The Lonely Mile, and now Parallax View, and the moment I have another thriller ready, I’ll work with her again. If you’re looking for a way to set your work apart, look no farther than Jodie Renner Editing.”

~  Allan Leverone, author of thrillers, mysteries and horror novels, Dec. 1, 2012, www.allanleverone.com



blade-cover4-internet (2)

“Jodie just finished working with us on our thriller, The Blade.

Jodie Renner is a 5-star thriller editor with the eye of an eagle and the skill of a surgeon.

She goes beyond copy and line editing to target even the most elusive content issues. A pleasure to work with—highly recommended.

~ Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore, Dec. 14, 2012, #1 Amazon and international bestselling authors of The Phoenix Apostles and The Grail Conspiracy, and now, The Blade.



“As I wasNoRemorseCoverFrontAward3-198x300 searching for a freelance editor for my action thriller No Remorse, I discovered the editor-gem Jodie Renner through Facebook contacts. I had looked at several other editors but none of them delivered sample edits that I was happy with, and some were priced way too high.

I was delighted to find Jodie’s editorial contribution to No Remorse extended way beyond just copyediting and helping with U.S. equivalents for my Australian expressions. She suggested (very diplomatically) changes to parts of the story that would create greater depth of character, or resonate better with readers (particularly females, something a male writer doesn’t always notice). Having already learned to kill my babies through  multiple versions of the manuscript, I was happy in around 95% of instances to agree with Jodie’s suggestions. Jodie even managed to save a character I had killed off, and I’m glad she did because it has made for a better resolution to the plot. (The character is living happily back in Boston.)

Apart from the absolute fun I had working with Jodie, the experience was incredibly efficient. Needless to say, I’ll be consulting Jodie earlier in the process with my next novel, because I’m so confident she will speed up the whole process.

As a debut author, I highly recommend Jodie to anyone who has not used a professional editor and is considering submitting to an agent or publisher, or self-publishing.

I rate Jodie six stars out of five!”

~ Ian Walkley, Australia, November 2011, author of No Remorse. Note: No Remorse subsequently received an award,  the 2013 IRDA Prize for Best Mystery/Suspense.


“Until I found Jodie I had no luck publishing my thriller, The Nazi Legacy, which is set in Egypt, with scenes flashing back to World War II. Agents who read my manuscript loved the tension I created and the twists and turns of the story. But even with these types of positive comments, there was something that caused them to reject my story—something that I wasn’t aware of. Jodie showed me what was needed to write a top-notch thriller—dealing with POV issues, creating natural-sounding dialogue, and writing efficiently, making every word count. She flagged several logistic issues, and her suggestions enhanced the plot and the suspense. I’ll have another manuscript ready soon and I intend to use Jodie Renner again.”

~ J.T. Scopinich, San Diego, January 3, 2013